Arrowsight Inc.: Game Film for Business-Meticulous Auditing for Onsite Worker Safety

Adam Aronson, CEO, Arrowsight IncAdam Aronson, CEO of Arrowsight Inc.
“What is the mission? To get people home safe always. It is that simple,” begins Adam Aronson, CEO of Arrowsight Inc., while addressing the severe injuries and fatalities associated with high hazard industries. His words stem from 17 years of experience helping safety centric industries such as agri-business, healthcare, and more recently construction, significantly improve a wide range of safety measures using a Remote Video Auditing (RVA) and artificial intelligence (AI) assisted service platform that can most easily be understood as, “game film for business”.
According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), nearly six and a half million people work at an estimated 252,000 construction sites throughout the nation on a daily basis. To ensure the safety of workers and improve the overall proficiency of frontline supervisors, Arrowsight—in partnership with Posillico Civil, a US-based multi-disciplined heavy civil contractor—has pioneered the use of RVA in the construction industry to reduce the risk of severe injuries.

By leveraging lightweight onsite portable cameras, Arrowsight partnered with Joseph D. Posillico III (one of the owners of Posillico Civil) and his team, to develop customized workplace safety RVA and AI assisted solutions that enable construction organizations to easily collect safety performance metrics of their employees. The majority of the focus is placed on reducing the risk of severe injuries that are caused by workers being too close to energized equipment, workers touching or standing underneath suspended live loads, and workers not following fall protection protocols. After developing powerful hybrid RVA and AI assisted solutions in the agri-business and healthcare industries, Arrowsight is now utilizing similar methods in the construction industry. Using AI to detect events such as workers on ladders or too close to energized equipment and then triggering human annotation of more detailed audit criteria, this hybrid AI and RVA solution will enable large scale deployments in the construction industry. “All the performance data generated by Arrowsight’s program is made available in web-based Microsoft Power BI data mining reports that allow our frontline supervisors to analyze specifically what kinds of safety challenges exist in every work zone, on every job site, and to review all flagged videos,” adds Posillico. Construction organizations, after adopting and implementing Arrowsight’s technology, can expect to reduce unsafe worker-behavior from 50 down to below 5 percent as reported by Posillico Civil in their paving and building foundation work sites. “Training can only go so far; even employees with years of experience are also susceptible to a variety of risks,” elaborates Posillico. As a result of reducing high-risk activities by over 90 percent, Posillico Civil observed a 60 percent reduction in claims in the first six months of the program being deployed.

New construction companies are beginning to utilize the Arrowsight workplace safety solutions and numerous insurance carriers and brokers are starting to introduce these programs to their construction clients to help them reduce the risk of expensive insurance claims. Arrowsight is passionate about partnering with their clients such as Posillico Civil to get their workers home safe every night.

"Training can only go so far; even employees with years of experience are also susceptible to a variety of risks"

- Adam Aronson, CEO of Arrowsight Inc.

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