Industrial Safety and Training Services: Achieving Compliance through Interactive Training

Gary K. Yurt, President/Chief Safety Advisor, Industrial Safety and Training ServicesGary K. Yurt, President/Chief Safety Advisor
Industrial safety and compliance are the two most critical elements for any construction organization. These prerequisites not only protect employees by minimizing hazards, accidents, and near misses at the workplace but also allow companies to safeguard their assets and operate efficiently. However, construction organizations often struggle in assimilate regulatory guidelines and implementing best practices to comply with regulatory rules such as occupational safety and health administration (OSHA), national institute of occupational safety & health (NIOSH), and other regulations. With almost two decades of experience in safety and compliance in the construction industry, Industrial Safety and Training Services (ISTS) helps organizations adhere to these regulatory laws through its safety training services.

ISTS specializes in safety compliance guidelines while offering a full range of health safety training services for employees in both public and private sector firms. Along with assisting construction firms with compliance, it also provides training services in the chemical, manufacturing, food and beverage, and power industries.
ISTS delivers a comprehensive range of training programs such as fall protection, lockout/tagout, and personal protective equipment (PPE) training, general OSHA compliance, and more. “We train newly hired employees as a part of construction companies’ safety induction and ensure a behavioral change such that their workforce carries out relevant tasks in a compliant way,” says Gary K. Yurt, president/chief safety advisor. “This enables construction companies to focus on their core business and authorize us to manage their training programs.”

In addition, ISTS also assists construction organizations by writing mandated safety manual and policy procedures. To create such documents, the firm performs safety gap assessment in their day-to-day business activities through audits, and then, score clients with regard to compliance. “We identify safety flaws within organizations’ by inspecting and analyzing fall protection harnesses, fire protection equipment at the site, and other similar activities to devise a plan and train workers,” adds Yurt. Not all companies need to comply with every regulatory policy; thus, depending on clients’ type of services they provide, ISTS customizes their safety manuals to help them meet the business needs effectively.

Focused on creating a safer environment at construction workplace, ISTS further facilitates simulator training and Yurtville Incident Management tabletop. Through these, the firm delivers a customized safety program for addressing specific challenges pertaining tocompliance regulation. While the simulator training is designed to familiarize employees with real-life safety hazard and explain potential dangers, yurtville tabletop provides training resources for emergency response planning.

ISTS is reshaping the traditional classroom programs and making training interactive with its simulator and yurtville tabletop training while collaborating with different clients to reduce workplace hazards in construction organizations. Catering to these entities for reducing falls—the leading cause of death in the construction industry—ISTS mainly focuses on Fall Protection training to ensure its clients’ employees effectively use these Fall Protection equipment while working at dangerous heights. In addition, the firm also provides extensive training on other prominent cause for catastrophic instances such as handling hazardous chemicals. Following these training programs, unlike other service providers, ISTS promptly delivers required OSHA recordkeeping such as rosters, exams and certificates to its clients.

Continuously upholding the quality of such training programs has helped ISTS grow with an instead of a annual growth of 20 percent since 2001. The firm is further planning to increase its workforce and improve internally as well as externally. “We are committed to staying on top of guidelines and standards by updating our domain knowledge of compliance in an attempt to satisfy clients with our services,” concludes Yurt.

"We are committed to stay on top of guidelines and standards by updating our domain knowledge of compliance and ensure our customers are satisfied with our services"

- Gary K. Yurt, President/Chief Safety Advisor

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