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Dan Hurdle, CEO, Safety Services CompanyDan Hurdle, CEO
When it comes to the protection of employees in the construction and oil and gas industries, Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) must religiously maintain compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. But staying ‘OSHA legal’ is no longer enough. Organizations need to look beyond OSHA regulation compliance and create a safer standard of care to protect their employees from workplace injuries, accidents, and physical harm. Regardless of the number of safety consulting companies vying for a major share in the global market, they tend to overlook a critical aspect: optimal customer service. Governed by the mission of delivering “extraordinary customer service,” Safety Services Company goes beyond the perimeter of OSHA regulatory compliance to assist small and medium-sized businesses and contractors craft and maintain safer work environments for their employees.

Safety Services Company is a one-stop-supplier of top-notch safety and compliance products such as safety manuals, training kits, posters, online training, and safety meetings that helps construction and oil and gas businesses keep pace with the evolving OSHA regulations.
From weekly safety meetings to safety policy and procedure manuals to engaging interactive online training, Safety Services Company allows clients to achieve their safety program goals using safety training products specifically designed and customized to meet their company’s needs. Apart from customized and comprehensive solutions for OSHA compliance, the company assists contractors to adhere to Third-Party Auditor (TPA) platform compliance requirements with appropriate product and documentation. As Dan Hurdle, the CEO of Safety Services Company describes it, “Unlike the other players in the safety and compliance space, we stand out in the market by addressing businesses’ and contractors’ compliance needs for both OSHA and TPA platforms.”

The company’s team of safety professionals, who create and update the content in its products, diligently customizes the content for a contractor to align with a customer or owner client. While the team constantly monitors the accounts of contractors on TPA platforms, Safety Services Company helps clients meet their compliance requirements with both TPAs and OSHA, saving them time and money. “Our team looks for any gaps or deficiencies that need to be addressed in their accounts, and we quickly resolve them so that their scores on the TPA platform remain unaffected,” adds Hurdle.

With extraordinary levels of customer service being an anchor point, Safety Services Company’s team of highly skilled, and performance managed customer agents guarantee unparalleled functional and human services. The company’s approach to driving excellent customer service involves efficiently coordinating with the contractors and flawlessly servicing their accounts. “Our team of 25 customer agents, or customer service coordinators as we call them, is trained to make a human connection with our clients, know them on a personal level, and uplift experiences in their daily interactions with their customers,” says Hurdle. Safety Services Company additionally offers its very own Learning Management System (LMS)—an online training platform—to train and certify employees of small and medium-sized businesses and contractors regarding the safety and compliance trends via interactive videos, quizzes, and reporting. A testimonial from one of the clients reads, “Fell on these guys in a time of need. I have to say, they met our requirements and continue to exceed them. I can’t praise them enough. A brilliant service!”

The company also develops digital versions of its products to enable more effective document management for businesses and contractors. Safety Services Company also offers a virtual safety filing cabinet application along with its products to boost the safety programs and practices of contractors that lack safety teams or managers. “This app doesn’t just empower the contractors with easy storage and access to the required information, but also guides them to diligently perform daily safety tasks on-site,” Hurdle explains.

Safety Services Company regularly conducts customer satisfaction surveys, and captures customer reviews to ensure they’re delivering the very best service to their clients in the safety and compliance arena.

"Safety Services Company helps clients to meet their compliance requirements with both TPAs and OSHA, saving them time and money"

- Dan Hurdle, CEO

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