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Top 10 Safety and Compliance Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

The Construction industry is under a significant paradigm shift. The construction industry has been characterized by being very traditional and unsusceptible to change. While the industry has lagged when it comes to the adoption of new technologies, the industry, over the years, has appeared more susceptible to the latest tools and techniques—not only to boost efficiencies and quality but to improve site health and safety as well. With construction ever-going demands, projects are becoming more significant, more complex, and involving more workforce, processes, and collaboration than ever before. More extensive projects mean more work and more revenue for construction companies. Managing the day-to-day work—from project costs to materials to WIP reports to safety regulations— can be a daunting task for even the best-staffed construction firms. Moreover, regulatory compliance is a major challenge for the industry. The number and reach of relevant regulations are extensive, covering fields like health and safety of workers, the efficacy of building materials and products, and the legality of construction contracts.

Many leading-edge technology services and software are helping contractors streamline workflows surrounding all these tasks and maintaining fluid construction projects by providing the best compliance management. Even under the best conditions, a busy construction site can be a disoriented place with numerous possibilities for human error and unforeseen circumstances to turn dangerous. Today, most construction companies, contractors, and safety/security managers need to employ technology-based recordkeeping platforms to manage worker clearance, job site locations, emergency contact info, and more.

The most effective way to ensure compliance and safety is to automate as much of the process as possible by employing a broad range of systems providing safety and compliance management. Most construction company needs full-force services or consultancy helping them in all their safety and compliance needs, with their comprehensive services and expertise. This level of transparency provided by field service applications protects right customers, employees, and business owners – allowing owners to minimize their risk and improve their reputation. Adopting the accurate Safety and compliance service provider enables organizations to reinvent their growth strategies, develop a more economical cost structure, and increase overall business efficiency.

Today, we find ourselves surrounded by a plethora of Safety and Compliance service providers stepping forward, but choosing the best among them is a great challenge for organizations. With this in mind, in the last few months, our distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts and the editorial board of Construction Tech Review have reviewed hundreds of technology service providers in the Construction Tech world and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of mitigating the challenges the companies face, by helping CIOs in choosing the right solution for their enterprises. The companies listed in this issue exhibit vast knowledge and in-depth expertise in delivering innovative storage technology solutions, enhancing speed, security, and accuracy of applications.

 Construction Tech Review presents to you the ‘Top 10 Safety and Compliance Consulting/Services Companies 2019.’

    Top Safety and Compliance Consulting/Services Companies

  • Since 2007, ComplianceGO has provided a complete stormwater management solution for inspections, reporting, communicating, maintaining, and managing complicated stormwater permits and regulations. ComplianceGO was developed by stormwater experts in the field to bring together and connect with all parties involved in meeting stormwater permit requirements. ComplianceGO is EPA approved and has been used as a solution for consent decrees. ComplianceGO is continuously updated to use the latest technologies to provide consistency, availability, and useability on any device at any time


  • Global Fire Protection Group, provides fire and life safety engineering, consulting, and design services to customers across the world. Global FPG engineers have more than a century of combined experience, and the founders envisioned a firm that would provide both active and passive fire protection services. In following through with that vision, Global is one of the only complete fire and life Safety Company. They specialize in partnering with customers to provide solutions in every corner of the world for every project, focusing on the jurisdictional interface, systems planning, and evaluations, third party inspections, system audits, and training service


  • Safety and Training Services (ISTS) helps organizations adhere to these regulatory laws through its safety training services. ISTS specializes in safety compliance guidelines while offering a full range of health safety training services for employees in both public and private sector firms. Along with assisting construction firms with compliance, it also provides training services in the chemical, manufacturing, food and beverage, and power industries. ISTS delivers a comprehensive range of training programs such as fall protection, lockout/tagout, and personal protective equipment (PPE) training, general OSHA compliance, and more


  • OSEA provides a full range of safety, environmental, and risk assessment services to the construction, manufacturing, and pipeline industries. OSEA’s Safety Badger app that costs less than a cup of coffee a day, provides real-time access to qualified safety experts, helping improve job safety, reduce accidents, and avoid OSHA fines. To overcome environmental, health, and safety programming challenges, OSEA relies on its expert staff of experienced, certified, and qualified professionals. OSEA prides itself on providing practical solutions that seek to lower clients’ cost of goods sold, increase return on investment, and most importantly protect worker safety


  • RMP’s range of services is specifically aimed at enhancing safety in the construction sites for workers. Besides developing procedures and providing resources for rescue operations for confined spaces, Heat Illness Prevention Program, and similar other safety programs, RMP offers extensive OSHA services. RMP initiates strategies based upon onsite assessments, aiming to identify any potential hazards in the existing infrastructure of its clients. RMP works hand-in-hand with companies and facilities alike to help them achieve OSHA VPP status through its Loss Control services. This has helped companies to attain higher employee satisfaction rates, while successfully keeping the injury and illness rates far below the average standard


  • SFI Compliance was born out of the need for small companies in the construction industry who couldn’t hire full time safety and compliance staff. They needed some help in designing their safety and compliance programs and SFI Compliance was formed to meet that necessity, and those goals. It provides nationwide safety programs, safety training, first aid & safety products, OSHA compliance consulting, site evaluations, and first aid


  • Code Consultants Inc

    Code Consultants Inc

    CCI is a Fire Protection Engineering and Life Safety Consulting firm that adds value to the projects which are retained by providing the highest quality, most creative state–of–the–art concepts, solutions, and engineered designs. Through the specialized expertise, provided by the most knowledgeable and experienced fire protection experts in the industry, Code Consultants deliver results to clients that save time and money, achieve desired designs at the most economical costs, and reduce problems in the design, bidding, permitting, and construction process. As a single-source consultant for all the fire protection and life safety needs, CCI offers comprehensive services and expertise

  • ESC Safety Consultants

    ESC Safety Consultants

    ESC assists general contractors to implement effective subcontractor safety management programs to help them run safely and to help them focus on completing the job. We assist subcontractors including: sitework, utility, concrete, steel erectors, masonry, glass/glazier, roofing, plumbing, mechanical, drywall, painting, flooring, carpentry, and electrical contactors and also provide services to manufacturers: automobile, lumber, metal, fabrication, and transportation. It offers services to warehouse operations and retail stores. It work with insurance agencies to provide risk management to their clients

  • Hilti


    With an aim to build a better future, Hilti is helping its customers to build faster, safer and with more daring ideas, while all the time being mindful of the legacy the company leave behind. To ensure the integrity of the company’s products, Hilti runs its own production plants and cutting-edge research and development centers right across the world. Hilti makes construction sites work simpler, faster, and safer. Hilti products and systems include powder-actuated fastening, drilling and demolition, diamond coring and cutting, measuring, firestop, screw fastening, adhesive and mechanical anchoring, and strut and hanger systems. Every Hilti product and system is backed with research, training, software, service and support

  • HySafe


    Hysafe offers services in design, engineering, installation, certification, and training related to fall protection systems. The companies send fall protection specialists on-site to assess and determine the fall protection needs of each client. This allows the team to determine the necessary equipment to build out and install the proper fall protection system. The company believes in educating its customers and helping them maintain a safe work environment. Hysafe is building a secure future for its customers and making a positive impact on the industry through continual growth and education

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